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We get it, social media, ads, and web design can seem daunting. As business owners your to-do list is already never ending, you don’t have the time to create a digital presence for yourself as well.


Let us handle that for you.



Natalie began this journey by taking courses online to become a VA, and quickly fell in love with all things digital marketing. She knew that she wanted to continue in this space, and decided to open a digital marketing agency with her sister, Rachael, and sister-in-law, Michelle. 


Natalie handles all of our client management. You will often find Natalie engaging for our clients, on a monthly marketing meeting where she is talking with our clients on new marketing strategies, or on a discovery call with new potential clients. 


SSS Michelle.jpg

Michelle loves all things design and always dreamed of having a job where she could let her creative juices flow. She also has always dreamed of having her own business. When the opportunity came to start a digital marketing agency with Natalie and Rachael she jumped on it. 


Michelle does a lot of behind the scenes work. She is one of our designers and content creators and she works hard to make your branding visions a reality.



Rachael works as one of the creative "makers" behind your brand's story and offerings. She takes on each client's company story as if it were her own, in order to create the compelling content that your audience is craving. As a serial entrepreneur and creative, Rachael understands that small business owners like you wear many hats. She supports your entrepreneurial balancing act with high-end content creation and strategy. 

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