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Brand Management

Looking for digital marketing help? you've come to the right place! We offer monthly packages to help you with your social media managing/Marketing Needs.  We also offer Ads for facebook and instagram.

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Social Media

When you hire us for social media services, you are not just hiring a social media manager, you are hiring a marketing consultant team as well.


We provide you with:

  • Access to our stock photo library (photos taken by us, specifically with our clients in mind, so your feed won’t look like anyone else's)

  • Captions that you can easily add your own voice to

  • Marketing prompts for IG stories, lives and reels

  • Templates so that your feed looks cohesive and aesthetically pleasing

  • Strategic engagement plan

  •  A monthly marketing meeting where we go over plans to promote your business.


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Facebook/Instagram Ads

You’ve got an awesome product, and you want to get it in front of your target audience right? Let us help you with Facebook and Instagram ads. Whether you sell a product or a service, getting in front of your customer has never been easier.  We drive business outcomes via paid digital advertising.



  • On average, 1.79 Billion people log onto Facebook daily as of June 2020

       From Facebook

  • More than 100 Million people use Instagram every month

       From Facebook


  • Retargeting helps address the 98% of visitors who leave a website without making a purchase.

     (Editor’s choice)


  • The average CTR for re-targeting ads is 10x that of display ads

(Editor’s choice)



  • Re-targeting can increase conversion rates by as much as 150%

(Editor’s choice)

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