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Customer Service Management

We help your customers on their journey to becoming recurring customers. (Did you know that just  5% of customer retention can equate to an increase of profit by 25% according to this study


We do this by helping them learn about you and how awesome your business is before they are even your customer with social media marketing. 


When they become your customer, we help them with our expert-level customer service for any questions, comments, and concerns they may have. 


Then we help them to want to keep coming back for more by consistently bringing value with the help of a Facebook Group, and other forms of engagement. 


We take care of your community so you can focus on bringing them the content they crave!

What's included in our customer service management package?

SSS 2.jpg

Engagement on Instagram

Responding to DM’s, comments, and engaging with your target audience.


Facebook Group Management

Daily Posts

Running giveaways

Commenting & moderating.


Email Customer Support

Responding to questions, comments, and concerns.

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